Expect Some Extreme Fun With an
Airsoft Rifle

The latest, hottest, craziest, and most extreme fun hobby sport has taken off around the world: mock combat with an Airsoft rifle. This hobby offers a variety of appeal, from the feel of the battlefield, to stalking prey in the forest and fields, as well as tactical rescue missions all the while protected from the harm of real firearms. An Airsoft rifle is a full-weight, full-feel replica of one of the most popular guns on the market.


An Airsoft rifle, or machine gun, makes an excellent entry level weapon for the hobby enthusiasts who are looking for a little more power than the spring bb pistols. If youve explored the forms of Airsoft airguns and all the types of recreational shooting (target, hunting & plinking) then you know the advantages of this class of products which are very durable and have extremely low failure rate for the price. These Airsoft guns use 6 mm BB, 0.2 gram BB, Metallic BBs, or Paintballs and are very and are easy to operate. Dont see the Airsoft rifle youre looking for? Give us a call. Wed be glad to help.

Do Not Remove the (1/4 inch) orange tip of the barrel. It is required by U.S. law

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