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Cheap AirSoft GunsThe latest craze is here! Now you’ve found a great way to have fun out in the woods with your friends and practice your mock hunting skills using an Airsoft pistol. Or maybe you enjoy target shooting but don’t want the expense of firing live ammo and following local laws on discharging firearms. Airsoft offers a potential alternative for the hobbyist, collector, and shooter since they combine the realistic look and feel of well-known weapons, with the safety and low cost of an Airsoft manufactured “weapon.” The Airsoft pistol holds wide appeal to the average hobbyist who would like to exercise his or her steady eye/hand coordination without the inherent dangers of a firearm.


By modeling the Airsoft pistol and rifle line after world famous weapons, the entire line was an immediate hit with the public. The spring-piston airgun is far and away the most popular airgun design in the US and around the world. And these guns are easy to operate: just pull back and cock just like a real gun. The spring air load makes this gun easy to handle and shoot well, with a velocity up to 220fps. An Airsoft pistol is an ideal starter to begin your BB and paintball gun collection.

Do Not Remove the (1/4 inch) orange tip of the barrel. It is required by U.S. law

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