Airsoft Pellet Gun

Airgunning enthusiasts will tell you that the weapon of choice for covert war games with friends is the Airsoft Pellet Gun, especially the MP-5 submachine gun with the cool looking SD3 silenced version. This model, the airsoft style spring rifle (Product ID: VAR-004), is a very close copy of the MP-5 SD3, and offers maximum quality in shooting, as well as being effectively quiet. Youll find this Airsoft pellet gun to have a range of 130 ft (effective) and up to 160 ft (maximum), firing at a velocity of 315 fps (.12 Grams) or 270 Fps (.20 Gram BBs).

Airsoft Spring Rifle 

Arguably, this is the best choice for a paintball Airsoft pellet gun in a rifle model. There are two main choices in the power system of adult air rifles this type of spring piston, or the pre-charged gas guns. We recommend a new shooter should consider purchasing only a spring piston airsoft pellet gun since it will generally offer the best value, be more durable, and require the least trouble or cost to charge. Not to mention these spring rifles come with a great look and feel. You may never hold a real MP-5SD3 in your hands, but this replica Airsoft pellet gun is guaranteed to give you a thrill.


Do Not Remove the (1/4 inch) orange tip of the barrel. It is required by U.S. law

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