An Authentic Look in an Airsoft Paintball Gun

One of the advantages to our line of well-detailed Airsoft guns is that each one is modeled after a best selling firearm, such as the real Walther P-99 with the slide. Walther has always stylized their slides in all their automatics and our Airsoft P-99 carries on the great tradition with its trapezoidal shape. Among its other design lines are the ambidextrous magazine release, on frame safety, firing pin indicator and a special contoured and textured grip. Why buy a funky looking pre-charged gas paintball gun (which LOOKS like a toy paintball gun), when you can own an Airsoft paintball handgun that looks like a real weapon? (Except for the required-by-law orange barrel tip of course.)


See the information and pricing on our silver Walther P-99 Airsoft BB gun (Product ID: J31031), or the James Bond “Tomorrow Never Dies” black P-99 model (no.: J31030) which are excellent choices for Airsoft paintball. We sell just about all types of entry level airguns including small air pistols modeled on Berettas and the USP P8, as well as military-style air rifles. These Airsoft paintball and  bb guns are some of our best sellers ever, especially the Walther P-99. Check back to our site when you want to expand your gun collection or if you need to stock up on airsoft paintball accessories.


Do Not Remove the (1/4 inch) orange tip of the barrel. It is required by U.S. law

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