Airsoft Machine Gun
That Looks Like the Real Thing!


If youre looking for simplicity, reliability and the experience of shooting a weapon with character, an Airsoft Machine Gun is for you. These great replicas were created for people like yourself who want to have fun with target practicing without the expense, licensing, maintenance and security issues of a real gun. And an Airsoft Machine Gun gives you the weight and feel of the reel thing at a fraction of the cost or hassle.


One such example in the Airsoft Machine Gun is the airsoft style spring rifle (Product ID: Var-004). This is a replica that closely matches the famous yet secretly used MP-5SD3 silenced sub-machine gun. Its only slightly scaled down from the real model with the special forearm designed with an extended tube and a serrated and contoured forward grip. The detachable silencer makes the Airsoft gun effectively quiet with a range of 80 ft and a maximum velocity of 200fps. The Airsoft Machine Gun comes with a high capacity magazine for shooting colorful BBs and paintballs.


Do Not Remove the (1/4 inch) orange tip of the barrel. It is required by U.S. law

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