Airsoft Beretta Look A-like


An air gun with substantial weight, and the solid construction that it represents, are likely the first things youre looking for in an affordable Airsoft Beretta look-a-like handgun replica. Our HFC Beretta Elite look-a-like  M92 guns (Product IDs: J31010, J31011, J31020, J31021) come in full black or two tone silver / black models.


All have the great feel of a contoured hand grip and the elite model styling, just like the famed pistol its based on. The Airsoft Beretta look-a-like handgun replica is a spring piston replica that fires 6mm caliber plastic bbs and paintballs. It has a capacity of up to 18 rounds, and the velocity of the Airsoft Beretta look-a-like handgun replica is rated at 240 fps with a maximum shooting range of 150 ft.


Remember that with air guns such as the Airsoft Beretta pistol, the accuracy of shot placement is more important than the amount of power. Ease of shot placement and smooth firing sequence are also strong pluses in an entry level air pistol when aiming at field or paper targets. Just keep in mind never to shoot a spring piston air without a pellet, since it will causes damage to the piston and spring, which are not made to take the impact of an empty barrel, since the pressure need to expel the pellet helps to cushion the impact. Other than a few words of caution, its easy to take care of your new Airsoft look-a-like handgun replica Beretta pistol replica and you are all set to have hours of fun.


Do Not Remove the (1/4 inch) orange tip of the barrel. It is required by U.S. law

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