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Air Tazer Gun

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The most effective less-lethal system available. On patrol, you need simple systems you can rely on to protect yourself. Most confrontations do not justify the use of lethal force, but you should not have to expose yourself to risk of injury from physical confrontation with a violent combatant. Now, there’s a powerful, reliable, compact solution: The Air Tazer Gun. In police studies have shown to have a higher instant incapacitation rate than a .38 Special handgun. This technology is considered the method of choice for dealing with PCP suspects, violent mental patients, and dangerous cell extractions. Now, you can carry  an Air TASER on your belt in a package the size of a cell phone, including laser sight.

When the situation calls for less-lethal force, you need an effective and safe device to drop the perpetrator without causing injuries. Over 20 years of medical studies have shown Air Tazor technology leaves no long term injury. After several minutes, a suspect recovers without any known long term effects.

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