Air TASER Powerhandles
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Discontinued by Taser

  Works through bullet-proof vests

Air TASER is the premier non lethal weapon in the world. The Advanced Air TASER Gun (TASER Stun Gun Combo) and Air TASER Powerhandle are used by leading police agencies and security organizations all over the world.  It offers unparalleled stopping power without causing injuries.

Receive 4 Extra Air Cartridges For FREE

TASER & Stun Gun Combo

Just 8" long, the technologically advanced Air TASER Powerhandles use compressed air to fire two small probes secured to 15 feet of TASER wire. When the probes attach to an assailant's clothing, the Air TASER Powerhandle sends powerful T-Waves through the wires into the body of the assailant, jamming the nervous system and causing incapacitation for several minutes. They cause no long-term damage, and they are faster and more effective than chemical sprays. The unit can also be used as a contact stun gun, giving you two advantages in one.

Air TASER Powerhandle Plus
 Receive 4 Extra Air Cartridges

Pictured With Laser

A contact Stun Gun and TASER Giving you two advantages in one!

Air Taser Kit

  • AIR TASER Powerhandle 

  • 2 Air Cartridges Plus Another 2

  • High Impact Storage Case

  • Practice Target 

  • 30 Minute Training Video

  • Owner’s Manual 

  • 9 Volt Energizer Battery 

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • TASER® Or Stun Gun Combo

  • Lifetime warranty!

Each Air TASER Powerhandle Comes With 2 Air Cartridge Ammo Reloads
And Personal Will Include An
2 Air Cartridges For FREE 59.95 value
For A Total Of 4 FREE Air Cartridge Ammo Reloads

The AIR TASER was designed to takedown the toughest individuals in the world
Item #34000
Price 249.95
AIR TASER Powerhandle Plus
Air Taser Guns

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AIR TASER Powerhandle 

TASER And Stun Gun Combo
Same Model As Above

Item #34100: STUN TASER is the power handle included in the Air TASER Kit without the accessories. You may add cartridges to make it a complete Air TASER. By itself it works the same as a regular stun gun... simply touch the assailant. You may also add the Laser Sight.
Lifetime Warranty. 

The unit can also be used as a contact stun gun, See Ait TASER Gun for more info

Only From
With your purchase of each Air TASER Powerhandle you'll receive 
A FREE  Mace Triple Action 120 gram Fogger 
- Item #80196 a $17.45 value.

Item #34100
Price $99.95
AIR TASER Powerhandle

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TASER has informed us that they will not be able to ship any (Advanced TASER®, Item #34100 and Item #34000. We have all other TASER products in stock.



For Powerhandles and Advanced TASER M-Series

Reload your AIR TASER in less then a second with replacement Air Cartridges. Price shown is for two cartridges.  

2 Pack

Laser Sight
 For Powerhandles

Module (Laser Only) Laser Sight fits onto AIR TASER and illuminates target with a bright red laser dot. Powerful Deterrent as well as aiming aid.

Laser Sight

Item #34220
Price 89.95
Air Cartridges 2 Pack

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Item #34720
Price $99.00
Laser Sight

Air Taser Guns
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The Advanced TASER uses the same cartridges as the original Air TASER shown here.
See TASER Cartridges


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